From Our Teachers

A message from Ms Slavin


June 2020

Dear Pupils of Scoil Mhuire,

In normal circumstances I would be saying these things to you at our Summer Assembly!

This has been a strange time for every boy and girl, not just in Ireland, but all over the world.  You have had to miss school to keep you safe.  Your parents and guardians have become your teachers.  Well done on all the work you have been doing with help from home.

Everyone in school has been missing seeing you every day…but we are still thinking of you all.  We are looking forward to hearing all your news in September!  Is it true that you have all grown by 1 inch?

Please keep safe over the summer and do not go swimming without an adult.  You must keep washing your hands very often.

Enjoy the holidays and keep well!

With every good wish ,

Ms. Slavin.

Here are some work, ideas, messages and resources directly from our teachers for the Covid19 closures.


Summer PE and skills ideas for all classes and abilities


Junior & Senior Infants – see the ClassDojo

Some further activities and ideas here Junior/Senior Infants


First & Second

Ms. Ryan’s  Padlet of work for her class

Ms Kinsella’s class work is all here on this Padlet. She asks parents to please read the cover letter first. Ms Kinsella is on ClassDojo.  Please check this regularly and contact her if you are not connected.  Please contact her at with any questions.

Work for Ms Clarke’s second class group.

Ms Hogan has some suggestions for her class HERE

Padlet of work for Ms Hogan’s class

The latest Padlet from Ms Coffey for Ms Hogan’s Maths blast group (June 18th)



Third & Fourth

This is the latest Padlet of work for Ms McCarthy’s class.  Please scroll down through the padlet to find the new work as Ms McCarthy has left last week’s work on the padlet for children to finish working on.

Ms McCarthy class work is all here on this Padlet 1 . Here is the second Padlet 2 of work for her class.  She can be contacted by parents at if they have any questions or queries.   Please check ClassDojo for regular updates.

Ms. Downey has created a Padlet of Summer activities for her class (29th June)

Ms. Downey’s class please click HERE for some work from your teacher and she has created a Padlet of resources just for her class

Ms Higgins – see ClassDojo.  Miss Higgins has added a new Padlet with the latest work for April.

Ms Clarke has made a Padlet of work for her 4th class Maths group

Mr Darcy has joined ClassDojo. If you need to contact him, his email is  His class work is on his Padlet here.



Fifth & Sixth

6th class maths Padlet from Ms Coffey (18th June)

Mr Timmins has created a ClassDojo account for his class.  Please contact him at if you haven’t yet signed up.  The work for Mr Timmins’ class is here on his Padlet .

Mr McDonagh has all the work for his class on their kidblog

Padlet from Ms Cotterell for week beginning 22nd June

Ms. Cotterell has created a ClassDojo account for her class and needs parents’ email addresses to add on anyone who hasn’t yet joined.  A class text was sent out at the beginning of the week so this is just a gentle reminder if you haven’t gotten around to it yet. Ms. Cotterell will give you guidance on how to sign up through email. Please contact her at . Ms Cotterell’s class work is on on her Padlet .

A new Padlet of work from Ms Murphy for after Easter. Ms. Murphy reminds her class to use Kiddle  for safe searching when they are doing their project. Ms. Murphy would like parents to know that if they have any questions or queries about her pupils’ work, please contact her at


Ms Ellard has created these padlet links with lots of learning games and activities in one handy place.  Click for


Learning Support and SEN

Message from Mrs Morgan for her groups: I’m interested to hear how my pupils are getting on with their work at home.  If I can help or if you have any questions, I’d love to hear from you at Mrs Morgan also has a message for parents of children with SEN.


Ms McGrath has some ideas for her pupils and the Power Hour classes.  She can be contacted by parents looking for advice or support on keeping literacy going at home at


The latest update on our garden from Ms Coffey (June 29th)


Supporting Children’s Emotions at this Time

Advice on Dealing With Childrens’ Anxiety

We are living in unusual circumstances at this time. These are trying times for all children but especially so for those children who experience anxiety on a regular basis.
The National Education Psychological Service have shared this resource. We in Scoil Mhuire are here to support your child at this time. If you feel you need the support of your child’s SEN teacher, or your child’s class teacher, around anxiety, please do contact us. As you see from the advice that follows, it is important to address anxiety and put supports in place. If you feel this is an issue for your child, then please seek advice. There is support for your child! My email is ​

NEPS Anxiety – Information for Parents

NEPS Anxiety – Information for Students

Resource for parents – Free Stress control programme from the HSE Health and Wellbeing starting Monday 11th May. See for the details.



HSCL – Ms Power

Ms Power: email
HSCL phone: 083 0353508

Some resources from Ms Power:

‘The Invisible String’ story book is excellent for supporting new children through bereavement. This may be a particular issue for children who lose grandparents during this time.

Letter from Ms. Slavin to the Scoil Mhuire Community, March 2020

Dear Scoil Mhuire pupils,

Here we are after a few unusual weeks, and what a journey it has been for all of us! A strange time…. when you have had to stay and learn at home, when your mums, dads & grandparents have had to step into our shoes and become your teachers! It would be too easy for me to say to you all that things will soon be back to normal and that we will all soon be back at school. The very least you need at the moment from me is the truth. The truth is that neither I,nor anyone, knows when we can all see each other again. Who knows? This ‘Adventure’ may last another few weeks, or it may stretch out to become a month or two. However what I can tell you is that we- your teachers, all the other staff and I- are all thinking about you every day, missing you every day, and praying that you and your families stay safe and well. WHEN, not IF , but WHEN life returns to normal, we shall welcome 🙏 you all back into our school with open arms. In the meantime please remember that you can make life at home a little easier for everyone by helping…. making your bed/ trying not to argue with your sisters and brothers/ and just listening to your parents & grandparents & then smiling at them & telling them you love them. Finally please remember that if we continue to show LOVE , FRIENDSHIP and RESPECT we will have HOPE. Carry on being heroes and enjoy the‘ Adventure ‘.

With every good wish, Ms. Slavin.


May 2020

Dear Pupils of Scoil Mhuire,

We all miss you at school and know that you are all missing one another enormously.

I am writing to say thank you for working hard at home over the past few weeks, and ask you while both our lives have been put on ‘pause’, to continue to be the very best you can be until we can take ‘pause’ off, and we can press ‘play’ again.

As well as doing your school work, it is also important for you to do your best to help around the house, to act with kindness, and to show love to those around you…you all know how powerful a well-timed smile and hug can be!

I am also asking you to continue to be brave, if you have any questions about these tricky times, please do not keep them to yourselves and worry, please ask an adult. Part of an adult’s job is to protect you and reassure you that things will get better. We cannot tell you when they will get better, but they will get better. There are lots of great doctors, nurses and scientists who are working hard and performing little miracles every day to make sure that things will get better and then we can begin to press ‘play’ once again. In the meantime, take care, stay safe and continue to practise social distancing until we are all back together again.

Keep well !

With every good wish ,

Ms. Slavin.

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