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From Ms McGrath

Hello everyone, I hope you’re all staying safe during this very strange time.Now that we have time it’s a lovely opportunity to read for pleasure with your child and with that in mind I’d like to recommend a few gems for you to try.

1: This Australian website is offering a 30day free trial of lovely books like the ones we use at school for Power Hour.

2.Vooks.com is a great resource that reads the books for children.

3.If your child is interested in doing a project there is a great encyclopedia called World Book online and you can get that on scoilnet.ie

Writing. One line a day would make a great time capsule diary for them to read to their own children in years to come.
If you’d like to get in touch please email and I’d love to see some of the writing ,
The main thing is to relax and continue reading for pleasure .

Regards Geraldine Mc Grath 


From Mrs Morgan

Tips for Parents of Pupils with Additional Needs
This can be a challenging time at home for parents of children who may have additional learning,sensory ,emotional or behavioural needs. There are lots of good websites out there for you ,see our links below. There are some other things which I would like to recommend which might also help.
Mind yourself! You are the most important person to your child and you need to keep yourself well at all times,but certainly at this difficult time. Get breaks in the house where you can remove yourself for a few minutes to get some headspace. Keep in touch with your friends and family by social media to get a bit of support for yourself to get through this. We are all missing seeing our friends,going for walks,having a cuppa together,but we will get back to that when all of this is over! Be kind to yourself and to your loved ones at this time;we are all in this together.
Be realistic: This is a hard time for your child ,he/she may be anxious,upset ,out of routine.If they appear to be challenging or troublesome, It might be necessary to lower the expectations and maybe ignore some behaviours ,rather than face them head on. Choose a quiet time to chat with your child and keep up the conversations with them. If your family are feeling tense,you are not the only family in this situation.It’s normal! Go with it and don’t be hard on yourself!
Keep routines going. This works for all children but especially for our children with additional needs. Cling to your routines;breakfast times, lunchtimes, dinner times,bed times.It will help you to feel more in control of your day. This will add to the level of  calmness in your home and will have a positive effect
on your child.
Structure your day.If you plan to support your child by working through the tasks that we have sent home for them,try the following. Start early in the day and work for 30 mins at a time with your child. Set a timer where it’s visible and stop after 30 mins. Depending on their age and ability, you could then suggest a movement break;trampoline,go upstairs to get laundry,jumping jacks -whatever is practical. After 10 mins ,resume the work/learning activity. Break after another 20-30 mins. Have a music break;play some music and dance/sing/listen to music/bang a drum ! It’s all about keeping tasks short and keeping your child motivated. If this doesn’t work, shorten the time or leave it and come back later. Build in regular exercise slots into your day. Make sure play is happening ; this is a great way for kids to let off steam.Relax if your living room is covered with toys-if your kids are happy that’s more important right now!  Don’t worry too much about the learning at the moment;we are more concerned that your child is in a good space emotionally and that you are not exhausted and stressed by this learning at home!
I am more than happy to help if you have any worries or concerns. Please get in touch -My email is deirdre.morgan@scoilmhuireshankill.ie
The HSE team your child attends are also available at the moment by phone.
I have  included lots of good links below to support services and for activites for your child which I hope you find helpful.
This will all pass and we will get through it .You and your family are more resilient than you realise!

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